Friday, 3 December 2010


A few shoddy scans of some designs i'll feature on christmas cards at the fair tmw.
" Have a fashion filled Christmas "...



Like Illustration ? Like Christmas? Wanna take the piss out of me in a panto costume? Come to this in Chelsea Town Hall, 4/12/2010...

I'll have some cards,bookmarks,and other bits and pieces for sale on the "New Creatives" stall, Just follow the bunting! 

90's Killers.

Just found out about Marlene McCarty's disturbing huuuuuge portraits. I love how a pencil and biro sketch can be elevated from looking like an unintimidating teenage schoolbook doodle, to menancing characters and scenes your eyes cant avoid, looking down on you from up high, and forcing the issue of bullying and death into your conscious. 
Check out more at  VICELAND

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Skull stencil...

After a late night paper stencil session why do i always prefer the leftover scraps and test sheets like the one below, to the actual finished work! J.W.Skull?


Its been AGES since i updated this thing! Juggling too many late nights at the Roxy and L.C.C deadlines has taken its toll. But never fear! Fearne Cotton and her crew of unneccesary airtime hoggers are here...

Top Trumps.

Top Trumps inspired playing cards/postcards featuring women who featured in this years 'TOP 100 INFLUENTIAL BRITISH WOMEN' charts. Experimenting with watercolour and an expose' tone, mocking what they're each really infamous for....

Mrs Burton.

Behold Helena Bonham Carter, the glorifed bag lady...

(Pencil,acrylic, fag ends and dirt.)

Friday, 1 October 2010


I wish i'd seen this whilst on Foundation last year, it makes my photos of local drizzly lanes and rubbish heaps look pathetic! Detroits not just a grubby name thrown around in a few Dre songs, Check out this Johnny Knoxville (Mmmmm Knoxville <3) and Palladium boots collaboration for VICE, exploring the abandoned derelict streets as a blank canvas for Art.

Friday, 17 September 2010

My new Bible.

Im a slut for illustration like this...

Caroline Morin
Tara Dougens
Annelie Carlstrom (New favourite) 

Sick of drawing girly shit.

Heres 30 gruesome little toes i included in a zine to sell at the "Adornos Porno" stall at th "Junction 2010" event in Camden. True to my usual slacker self i didnt send it away in time, but fuck it! Was good to kickstart my drawing and painting again anyway...

My scanners a bit pathetic so apologies but you get the jist.
Also if your in London from the 18th to the 26th visit the Anti Design Festival (ran by fellow U.A.L students) Apparently one of my designs will be featured in a slideshow or printed as a postcard.

Teenage Lucy

A friends little sister turned 13 and let me gatecrash for some free cupcakes. Heres the card i made for her, Happy birthday Greasy!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Everything Everything

Everything Everything don't just have a knack for cramming a million lyrics into each jaunty little song, their cover art is wicked too! After a summer of washed out Mumford and Sons -esque scenes of mundanity and seashells, a big fat fluero fox is the perfect antidote....

Friday, 20 August 2010

I love Bob London

Bob London Sticker found near Goldsmiths College, New Cross.

Bird Prom

Mmmm Graph Paper...


Is it weird to buy postcards for yourself? I havnt quite reached the epitomie of lame and started sending them to myself too, dont panic, even if i do spend long enough in Paperchase to count it as a holiday destination! 

Old eyed cat.

Old L.C.C sketchbook work...

London Zine Symposion

A while ago i picked up some postcards and cheap paper zines at the London Zine Symposium event in Bricklane...
(Magda Boreysza)

(Nelonfarmer 2, Berlin)

If i somehow magically got rich, i'd go back and buy all the glossier chunky stuff, but for now some strangely vanilla tinted old photos will do. I love specualting about the subjects lifes, and how awkwardly stiff they look on their wedding day!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Today has been a great day! Advocate Arts Agency are now showcasing my collages and illustrations. . . . Just click on "Blog" .
Cringe at my artist statement and make sure you scroll down to see my fellow intern chum Sophie Harding's cool scratchy prints as well.

Big thankyou to Pat and co!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Joyeaux Anniversaire!

Another "sorry im skint, heres a rushed doodle of you instead" birthday card...

Friday, 23 July 2010


STILL my favourite painter. Witness the cardboard genius of Tommy Kane. Every time i look at any of his portraits i crave a new box of acrylics to ruin.

If anyone fancies a painting get in touch.


I recently went to the Wimbledon College of Art's degree show. I've been meaning to scan in the results of my business card collecting frenzy. Featuring illustrations from various costume courses. Im sure i have like another 20 crumpled behind a mouldy teacup back in London.

Ooh la la.

So yeah its possibly the french patisserie equivalent of that monster Starbucks, but how cute are the tissue paper coasters!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Disposable Summer

Ive just got some disposables developed  from a week of S'es i.e Sunshine,Sea,Sangria,Seafood,Spanish perverts?  Its said alot now but seriously digital has nothing on the nostalgic quality of my sisters big blurry thumb and my biro.

Plus you get shit loads of Boots points.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Twit Terwoooooooo!

Advocate Arts

Ive just completed a 3 week internship at the lovely Advocate Arts Illustration Agency in Wimbledon. Learning how to drink lots of tea, get up at an acceptable hour, and use programmes like cumulus,filemaker and the dreaded photoshop/dreamweaver/adobe family. Having access to a catalogue full of top design companies and artists they represent was amazing. Holding a Walt Disney postcard and creating collections for marks and spencers giftwrap and feminine cards was a highlight.

Some Illustrators Advocate represent that you should definately check out...

  • Cosei Kawa
  • Bojana Dimitovski
  • Constanze Vonkitzing
  • Marco Soma

Monday, 14 June 2010

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Silent Movie

After fiddling around with my laptop on a painfully sunny day like this i decided to pass on the Japansese advert style video, and create a 1920's style silent movie. Considering my usual allergy to all things technical, i think it turned out bloomin' marvellous. Its only a min or so long, take a looksy ...

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Pro-Global Warming Advertising campaign for graphic design pathway. Check it out!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

After listening to She and Him all morning with my dear flatmate Sophie, eating lots of strawberries and strolling around sunny London in my typical flouncy floral shit, how could i not get involved with the make your own postcard workshop at the Welcome Collection in Euston Square. I chose the word "Amputation" from a list of body themed options.

In my own crayola world.

Yeahhhh take that actual children!
Sophie has a tongue.