Friday, 3 December 2010


A few shoddy scans of some designs i'll feature on christmas cards at the fair tmw.
" Have a fashion filled Christmas "...



Like Illustration ? Like Christmas? Wanna take the piss out of me in a panto costume? Come to this in Chelsea Town Hall, 4/12/2010...

I'll have some cards,bookmarks,and other bits and pieces for sale on the "New Creatives" stall, Just follow the bunting! 

90's Killers.

Just found out about Marlene McCarty's disturbing huuuuuge portraits. I love how a pencil and biro sketch can be elevated from looking like an unintimidating teenage schoolbook doodle, to menancing characters and scenes your eyes cant avoid, looking down on you from up high, and forcing the issue of bullying and death into your conscious. 
Check out more at  VICELAND