Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I'm in love with Daniel K Sparkes work featured on BOOOOOOOM!  Finding the perfect balance between playful mixed media and a polished intelligent outcome. Got me thinking about humans as buildings, is man itself a man-made notion? etc etceraaaa

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Letterpress experiements, Wartime Slang;


Church hill tank poster art.
After generating as much imagery and information from a seperate angle of the churchill tank each, our group collectively sliced and rearranged our drawings to create an abstract symbolism of the vehicle as a whole. The diamond panelling affect, similar to the metal armour on the original vehicle.

Imperial War Museum.

Deconstructing our Imperial War Museuum studies, focusing on the texture and plates of military machines and tanks ...


Saw this surreal blob by Ignace Wouters on TodayandTomorrow, absolutely love it. Not sure of the concept,and might be a bit presumptive to think there is some huge one in the first place! Maybe a comment on mass? gluttony? The uglyness of humans, and our corruptive impact on nature? How a portrait should really look? Deligating us to amoeba alike shapes seems foetul i guess... 

The cockroach and the bride.

Backtracking a bit, heres the best galley prints from my summer project, "The Cockroach and the bride" tells the story of a neurotic jilted bride blinded by humiliation and determined to love something, anything! and the poor unsuspecting bug she happens to choose. I like the gritty, distressed look, and scratchy outlining, tying in with the characters exhausting mental state , and the insects distorted vision...