Thursday, 27 May 2010

After listening to She and Him all morning with my dear flatmate Sophie, eating lots of strawberries and strolling around sunny London in my typical flouncy floral shit, how could i not get involved with the make your own postcard workshop at the Welcome Collection in Euston Square. I chose the word "Amputation" from a list of body themed options.

In my own crayola world.

Yeahhhh take that actual children!
Sophie has a tongue.


Latest advertising project gave us each a topic to campaign for or against. I was assigned global warming. A subject i feel we've all heard enough about, in my research i was overwhelmed with persuasive posters badgering on about eco friendly fridges etc etceraaa. So I have decided it would be more fun and interesting to attempt a twisted "FUCK IT" attitude and be the voice of plenty of students milking their accomodation costs for all its worth and disregarding its effects.

Ladies and Lads i present to you LETS ALL DROWN. Please follow and get involved, i would love it if this could take off and actually get people talking...

Im just a Love Machine...

I did it! I made the affectionately titled "MR ROMANCE 3000". Surprisingly the tutors were pretty impressed with the execution its just the font and aesthetics that i need to reconsider. Ive decided to create a hyperactive japanese style advertisement and intructional video to go alongside it. Expect lots of ridiculous wigs and make-up, tacky sound effects and voice overs. Should be fun!
Heres some polariods me and my flatmate took of the work in progress (and my abnormal feet hahaha) ...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

That womans a MACHINE

I am a 2d person living in a 3d world, my brain thinks in faces and colours, not nuts and bolts. Woodwork at school was basically 2 hrs of me following the tranny in denial teacher (My mate Joe once found a lipstick in "sirs" desk drawer) around like a confused gnat! So walking into the 3d studios at L.C.C was pretty daunting, but the technicians were really helpful and cheerful (or itleast he had rosy cheeks, giving the illusion of jollyness!) Anyway, im in danger of sounding like a prospectus i'll shut up, and show ya ma wooden box...

The brief was to create a "Romance Machine", trusty google just threw some urrrr interesting erotic solutions at me, so i decided to think about the quainter gestures of luuuuurve i could supply lonely singletons with. So the plan is to make a jack in a box style pop up hand full of red roses.

Feel free to vomit.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Not that i have a complex or anything! but my big ol' forehead could probably fit a second face on it. Hence a few more pages from the Inhale-Exhale Project focused on this and hairloss. Im really liking the basque style of the top left image, keep a big green eye out for more portraits like this in the future.

I found this clever little montage machine on trusty google and combined some sketchbook pages for you. They're from a project called Inhale-Exhale. Hours and hours of precious easter holiday drinking time was spent getting this done, so im pretty proud of the final gruesome but honest results.
As a friend once put it, "my toes look like they hate each other"

Poor Ralph

Developmental Work, Till Assistant sketchbook.
Alright mate,
Welcome to yet another Ilustration students blog!
I've kind of put it off in fear i'll sound like a total self-righteous knob, but it had to be done.
Actually I reckon it'll be pretty cool to document how my work progresses. So im going to try and be as consistent and up to date as possible for you guys.

And anyway, in the words of Miley pug faced Cyrus...

So true Miley, so so true.

All feedback welcome.