Friday, 17 September 2010

My new Bible.

Im a slut for illustration like this...

Caroline Morin
Tara Dougens
Annelie Carlstrom (New favourite) 

Sick of drawing girly shit.

Heres 30 gruesome little toes i included in a zine to sell at the "Adornos Porno" stall at th "Junction 2010" event in Camden. True to my usual slacker self i didnt send it away in time, but fuck it! Was good to kickstart my drawing and painting again anyway...

My scanners a bit pathetic so apologies but you get the jist.
Also if your in London from the 18th to the 26th visit the Anti Design Festival (ran by fellow U.A.L students) Apparently one of my designs will be featured in a slideshow or printed as a postcard.

Teenage Lucy

A friends little sister turned 13 and let me gatecrash for some free cupcakes. Heres the card i made for her, Happy birthday Greasy!