Saturday, 22 May 2010

That womans a MACHINE

I am a 2d person living in a 3d world, my brain thinks in faces and colours, not nuts and bolts. Woodwork at school was basically 2 hrs of me following the tranny in denial teacher (My mate Joe once found a lipstick in "sirs" desk drawer) around like a confused gnat! So walking into the 3d studios at L.C.C was pretty daunting, but the technicians were really helpful and cheerful (or itleast he had rosy cheeks, giving the illusion of jollyness!) Anyway, im in danger of sounding like a prospectus i'll shut up, and show ya ma wooden box...

The brief was to create a "Romance Machine", trusty google just threw some urrrr interesting erotic solutions at me, so i decided to think about the quainter gestures of luuuuurve i could supply lonely singletons with. So the plan is to make a jack in a box style pop up hand full of red roses.

Feel free to vomit.

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